About A2CPS


A2CPS is a cutting-edge example of consortium-based research with a range of expertise among our investigators that is both wide and deep, ranging from clinical trials to computer programming to basic science. For some consortium members, A2CPS is their first foray into the pain research space, whereas others are well established in the pain field. Together, this diverse consortium is collecting, processing, analyzing and sharing data with the aim of identifying biomarkers and biosignatures of chronic post-surgical pain.

A2CPS is organized into four main hubs: Two Multi-site Clinical Centers (MCCs); a Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC); a Data Integration and Resource Center (DIRC); and a number of Omics Data Generating Centers (ODGCs) at academic institutions across the country. The CCC is responsible for developing and maintaining operating procedures as well as the central Internal Review Board (cIRB). Both total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and thoracic surgeries are performed at both the MCCs, one of which is located in the Chicago area and the other at sites across Michigan. Blood samples collected from patients at the MCCs are then processed and delivered to researchers at the ODGCs, and data flow and communications are managed by the DIRC. A2CPS researchers work constantly in close collaboration with one another and with NIH officials.