A2CPS Consortium Member

Omics Data Generation Centers (ODGC)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The PNNL-Pittsburgh Omics Data Generation Center (PP-ODGC) bringstogether advanced mass spectrometry(MS) capabilities(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, PNNL) and high throughput screening capabilities (Luminex Coreat University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, UPMC) to accurately detect, identify, and quantify a broad spectrum of prospective protein targets in support of the A2CPS program.Overall,the mission ofthe PP-ODGC is todevelop and implement high throughputomics-based assays for quantifying abroad and diverse set ofproteinplayersassociated with acute to chronic pain conversion with the goal to develop predictive signatures as well as inform upon relevant molecular mechanisms.

The Integrative Omics group at PNNL is highly recognized with expertise in MS technology development and has an extensive track record in the deployment of cutting-edge MS-based technologiestowards clinically relevant challenges. Such technologies support both unbiased discovery efforts and targeted assays for marker validation from which prospective molecular targets can be specifically evaluated. The Luminex technology from UPMC providesan additional tiered high throughput analysis strategy with the capability to incorporate protein targets for broad based screening across the clinical cohorts.