For Patients | Thoracic Surgery

Study Information

What is the purpose of the study?

  • Identify and understand biomarkers, or factors that can help predict a person’s pain experience following thoracic surgery.

Who can be a part of the study?

  • Men and women ages 18-84, who are undergoing thoracic surgery.

What is informed consent or eConsent?

  • The informed consent form gives you more details about what will happen in the study.
  • In this study, since we are using an electronic form called an eConsent.
  • You will be able to read the eConsent form and ask questions, talk with your family, friends, or caregivers, before you decide about being in the study.

How can I be a part of the study?

  • If interested, please contact:
  • You will receive additional details about the study and have all questions answered.
  • You may choose to not be a part of the study at any time.

Payment for Participating

Payment will depend on the completed activities: Pre-surgery visit (Visit 1) $150; Remote post-surgery surveys and 6-week visit (Visit 2) $50; 3-month remote surveys $25; 6-month remote surveys $100, for a possible total of $325. If you are selected to complete an in-person 3-month visit (Visit 3), you will receive an additional $175, for a possible total of $500.