Statistical modeling of acute and chronic pain patient-reported outcomes obtained from ecological momentary assessment. PAIN, online May 7, 2024. Andrew Leroux, Ciprian Crainiceanu, Scott Zeger, Margaret Taub, Briha Ansari et al. Accompanying Commentary by Patrick Finan


Predicting chronic postsurgical pain: current evidence and a novel program to develop predictive biomarker signatures. PAIN, online June 15, 2023. Kathleen Sluka, Tor Wager, Stephani Sutherland, Patricia Labosky, Tessa Balach et al. 


Multi-Site Observational Study to Assess Biomarkers for Susceptibility or Resilience to Chronic Pain: The Acute to Chronic Pain Signatures (A2CPS) Study Protocol. Frontiers in Medicine, April 25, 2022. Giovanni Berardi, Laura Frey-Law, Kathleen Sluka, Emine Bayman, Christopher Coffey et al. 

Optimization of Imputation Strategies for High-Resolution Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (HR GC–MS) Metabolomics Data. Metabolites, May 11, 2022. Isaac Ampong, Kip Zimmerman, Peter Nathanielsz, Laura Cox and Michael Olivier 


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